One of our Residents has recently been told by the Council that they must take down the CCTV cameras that they have put up, to protect their garden and their flat.

The resident was unaware that Tenants must ask permission before attaching anything to the outside of the building, and so asked for permission retrospectively, which has now been refused.

Apparently the Council will not give permission for any Council Tenant to put up CCTV.

They’ve given no good reason other than that the camera footage could include some of the Communal areas, as well as the Tenant’s own Garden, and “they don’t think it’s appropriate to take footage of Communal areas” – despite the fact that the large CCTV cameras around the estate do exactly that, and that private properties all around the borough routinely film the pavement outside their premises.

What do you think?  Should Tenants be allowed to put up CCTV to protect their property?  Vote in our Poll on the right, or leave a comment here…