If you’d like to be kept up to date with Events and Issues in and around the Kambala Estate, please fill in the form below – we’ll email you whenever there’s something new on the Website, and sometimes we may email you to ask your opinion on a particular issue – but we promise that we won’t bombard you with emails!

RA Membership:  By default, if your House number & Postcode indicates that you live on the Estate, we will add you to our Membership List.  We provide this list to the Council in March/April each year, in order to prove that we have the support of Residents on the Estate.   If you live on the Kambala Estate, but don’t want to be a member, then please sign up, and then email us using the contact form, and we’ll make sure we don’t include you in our membership list.

Privacy:  If you live on the Estate and have not told us that you don’t want to be an RA member, then we will give the Council your Name & Address (but not your email) next March/April.  Other than that, we promise never to give your details to anyone else unless required to do so by law.  We use MailChimp to send out our emails, and they also promise the same thing.