Are you good with Money?

treasurerThe RA desperately need a new Treasurer.

It’s not a difficult job – it’s just a case of recording all of our Income and Expenditure, and making sure that everything has a receipt.  Anyone who keeps track of their own home accounts should find it easy to do – and there is also training available.

At present, our Chair, Donna, is having to take on the Treasurer’s role, and also the role of Bookings Manager for the Clubroom.

It’s not a situation that can continue – if we can’t find someone who can either look after the accounts, or manage the clubroom bookings, then the RA will not be able to continue.

There must be someone, within the 550+ homes on this Estate, who has a couple of hours a month free, to look after the RA Accounts.  It would be a great shame if the RA had to fold, simply because there is no-one to look after the money.  We currently have well over £5,000 in our Accounts, much of which is earmarked for Community Projects that will benefit the Estate.  If the RA folds, all of that money will go back to the Council.

If you could volunteer a couple of hours a month for this – or if you’d be interested in Managing the Clubroom Bookings, please get in touch via our Contacts page.

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