Burglar Alert!!! You Are At Risk

On Wednesday 02/09/15 between 0930-2000 hours an attempted burglary occurred, the suspect tried to enter an open window in Falcon Road, did you see anything suspicious? the crime reference number for this 0318919/15.

A man has been seen wandering around looking for an opportunity to burgle, if you see anything please contact the Neighborhood Policing Team on  0208 247 8609.

Here are some Important Contact Information: Police Non Emergency 101- Crime Stoppers:0800 555 111-Victim Support: 0845 30 30 900- https://content.met.police.uk/site/crimeprevention

Please if you catch someone in the act of crime call 999, but DO NOT challenge them.

Please be vigilant and take care of your home and yourself..

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