Community Cookery Programme

CookingColorWe’re looking for people who would be interested in forming a Community Cookery Club – and gain a couple of qualifications in the process!

This would be an organised group, supported by the Residents Association, where local residents can get together, learn about healthy eating and cooking on a budget, and develop their cookery skills while socialising.

We’re looking for 2 Club leaders, who would need to commit to attending a free training course for 3 hours per week, every week from 9th September to 21st January (excluding college holidays).

The training will cover:

  • Healthy Eating and reading labels
  • How to run a cookery club
  • Practical cooking skills
  • Sustainable food
  • Communication skills and building rapport with group participants
  • Budgeting, shopping and menu planning skills

At the end of the course, you would gain:

  • a 6 credit, Level 2 qualification in ‘Healthy Eating and Running a Cookery Club’ from the Open College Network
  • a Level 1 Food Safety Certificate.
  • A free 6-month gym or swim membership to either Battersea Sports or Latchmere Leisure Centres.

You would then be expected to use your new skills to run at least 12 Cookery Sessions for Residents and local people, within 12 months of completing the course.  The Cookery Club (which would be heavily supported by the Residents Association) would also receive a grant of £1000 towards the costs of buying equipment, ingredients, etc., for running those sessions.

For more information, please reply to this email, or contact us via the Contacts Page

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