Council issues apology for disabling Freedom Passes


If you’ve discovered that your Freedom Pass has been disabled in the past few days, even though it’s supposed to be valid until April, you’re not alone…

The Council has mistakenly cancelled all passes that are due to expire at the end of March, unless they’ve already received a renewal form.

When I spoke to the Council yesterday, they claimed that they were “following orders” from London Councils (who operate the Freedom pass scheme) – but today’s apology in the Wandsworth Guardian just shows what can be achieved by talking to our local Councillors.

The Council is offering to reimburse anyone who is out of pocket because of the error.  If you’ve been affected, you will need to fill in a renewal form.  The Council is fast-tracking the renewals, and say you should get a new card within a week of them receiving your form.  In the meantime, if you need to use Public Transport, make sure you get a receipt, and claim the cost back!

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