Easter Lunch in Haven Lodge


Yesterday the Chair of Kambala RA attended the Wow Mums Intergenerational Easter Lunch in Haven Lodge which is one of the sheltered home based in our Estate.


Before the lunch, the kids made some Easter baskets.

Then it was time to fill those baskets with chocolate eggs. The children fill theirs and distributed the rest to the residents.

After all this excitement it was time to have lunch. Wow Mum Jeanette Wickham cooked her special lamb with roasted potatoes, green beans and courgettes.

It was nice to meet new Wow mum Lizzie, who just started a dyslexia support group in Wandsworth called Aspire2Inspire Dyslexia. So if anyone has dyslexia, visit her website www.a2idyslexia.co.uk and you can receive free help and advice to help you to achieve your full potential. Lizzie will attend our upcoming SEN Breakfast and have asked Donna to be a trustee and guest speaker for A2IDyslexia.

After lunch, it was nice to catch up with the residents over a delicious red velvet cake donated by Wow Mum Sandra Munoz-Alvarez from Keepsake Videos.

The kids went on to play in Haven lodge’s gated garden area

To finish the afternoon, the residents had a well deserved pampering session. It was a great day enjoyed by all.

Relaxing 🙂








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