Estate Walkabout Today!!

Hi all,

here is a list of things that we talked about today on our walkabout, Marc Howell Senior Estate Manger and Tony Belton Latchmere Ward Councillor accompanied us. It was a very productive walkabout.


The trees and bushes that overhang pathways or block out light from windows.

To maybe have the pavements steam cleaned and broken slabs to be replaced.

Tarmac to be removed from brick paving and replaced with brick.

When the Estate will be decorated.

Bin cupboard doors to be replaced and painted.

Wye Street parking restrictions not yet in place.

Gritting on Wye Street.

Residents overgrown garden on the estate.

More lighting to the alleyway through to Fawcett Close.

Bin Cupboards still not cleaned

The tree outside the Community Hall, used as a dumping ground, maybe a feature to be built.

To have a larger area outside the Community Hall  that will be paved.

Maybe use a space on the Estate as a secure Motorbike Park.

I would also like to add that if you have a communal garden and would like to improve your space, please contact me via the website.

The Committee and I work very hard voluntarily to try to improve the surroundings that we live in, the RA has accomplished so much over the years. Please feel free to leave any comments below I will try my best to contact you within 48 hours.. all the best Donna






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