Flower beds in Kambala

Spring is coming.

All the flower beds on the Estate have now been replanted. This was all organised by the Residents Association last year and it looks like the Estate will be blooming for the Spring. We can’t wait 🙂

To celebrate, I am sharing with you some insolite flower bed pictures that I found on the internet. They are all from this massive garden in Dubai.

There is no limit to the imagination gone into the design of the gardens, which include flowers streaming like hair from a giant human

I like this one, maybe it could be a nice idea to do a project like this with the kids on a smaller scale. we could draw a face on a cup, fill it with soil and plant something in it. And as the plant grow, it will be hair for our hairless cup guy…. If any of you try, please make sure you send us a picture of it at [email protected]

At the moment, there are 45 species of flowers in the garden, which are imported in from all around the world

Imagine York Gardens like this…

A fantasy flower house at the Miracle Garden, which has plants growing over its turrets, doors, walls and towers

A castle made of flowers

Barrels tipping streams of flowers, and peacocks with colourful plumages are featured in the creative attraction  

Even Disney characters such as Mater from Cars can be seen at the Dubai oasis, of course decorated with flowerbeds

Giant structures can be viewed in the park, covered from top to bottom in an array of flowers

Wow….that one is amazing…

Talking about flower and garden, we are looking for volunteers to help us with our community garden. The rewards should be huge as not only it will improve and embellish our estate, but you will also make friends, meet your neighbours and maybe bring home fresh herbs, fruit, vegetables and anything we grow as a community.

Contact Donna, if you want to be involved.

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