McDermott Close Party raised at Police SNT meeting

I attended the Latchmere Safer Neighbourhoods Meeting at the George Shearing Centre last night.

It has to be said that these meetings are not exactly exciting, but they do give Residents the opportunity to raise local issues directly with the Police, and for the Police to keep residents informed about their targets and objectives.  Council Officers are also present at the meetings – so it’s a good opportunity to raise issues such as Antisocial Behaviour on Housing Estates such as ours.

Residents in McDermott Close will know that there was a particularly loud and Antisocial all-night Party in one of the Blocks last weekend, and despite multiple calls to both the Police and to the Council, by multiple Residents,  both the Police and the Council seemed reluctant to attend, and the Party was not actually closed down until almost 9am on the Sunday morning.

I raised this with the Police and Council officers present.  They clarified that dealing with this kind of Antisocial behaviour is the Council’s responsibility (even for homes which are *not* on Council Estates), but that the Police will accompany Council Officers on request, where the Council Officers feel that their safety may be at risk.

However, it seems that on Saturday night, the Council was reluctant to attend at all, and when they did so, they just asked for the noise to be turned down, rather than breaking up the Party.  Of course, as soon as they left, the noise was back to its previous level.

The Senior Estate manager, Laura Newey, has agreed to investigate what happened that evening, and will report back on what action is being taken against the Leaseholder responsible, to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

Many Leaseholders are not aware that even though they don’t pay the Council and Rent, they can still be evicted if they break the conditions of their lease – and one of those conditions is that they do not cause a disturbance to other Residents.

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