Namkaram Cradle Ceremony at Kambala Hall


Kambala Community Hall witnessed the Cradle Ceremony of little Shia, what a beautiful Ceremony the crib was hand made, Shia is 40 days old. Absolutely beautiful!

The mother and father start the ritual with pranayamaprayers, and mantra chanting in presence of the family priest.

In absence of the father, the grandfather or uncle can perform the ritual. The priest performs the ritual with prayers to the Gods, Agni, the god of fire, the elements, and the spirits of the ancestors. Rice grains are spread on a bronze ‘thali’ or dish and the father writes the chosen name on it using a gold stick while chanting the God’s name.

Then he whispers the name into the child’s right ear, repeating it four times along with a prayer. All others present now repeats a few words after the priest to formally accept the name. This is followed by the blessings of the elders along with gifts and ends with a feast with family and friends. Usually, the family astrologer also presents the child’s horoscope at this ceremony.

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