Pictures and review of the International Women’s Day in Caius House

Last Saturday, Kambala attended the International Women’s Day in Caius House. It was very inspirational and we got the opportunity of linking with strong women role model from our local community.

Donna Barham, Chair of Kambala RA with the ladies from Caius House. I love the slogan on their teeshirt saying “Empowering Women Together”.

One of the first inspirational talk

Lot of strong women in the room including this UK boxing champion

We loved the opportunities for the young people and women to try various activities like cheerleading, athletic, Netball, Javelot throwing or boxing on the day

The event had also some relaxing parts with free reiki and beauty treatment. I was horrified to learn with “Beat It” that there was 13.75 tea spoons of sugar in a small bottle of Yop (Which is more than in a small bottle of coca-cola)

This is how much sugar there is inside this bottle of yop. Shocking…

Finally this event was also brilliant to network with other local strong women from our community. Below is a picture of Donna with Senia from the Women of Wandsworth.


This youth Club has also other amazing facilities including a gym, a recording studio and a media room.

Check their website for more info

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