Rubbish Update

1197123937255902871doctormo_Put_Rubbish_in_Bin_Signs_1.svg.medI thought I should update everyone with what happened at our Public Meeting, regarding the Rubbish.

Marc Howell, our Area Housing Manager, apologised for the situation with the Euro Bins, and admitted that this was a breakdown in Communications between different Council Departments – the Housing Department believed that they had been told by Waste Management, that there would not be an additional charge for collecting from Euro Bins, but at the last moment, they were told that there would be a charge of nearly £9,500 per year.

The Council assured us that the cost of installing the Drop Kerbs would not be added to Leaseholder’s Services Charges.

The Council said that the reason for the extra charge was because “rubbish that is currently removed from the Estate by the Cleaning company would be put in the Euro bins instead, and so there would be more rubbish to collect”.  According to the Council, the Cleaners are contracted to remove not only bulky rubbish such as furniture, etc., but also bags of rubbish that are put out on the wrong day, etc.   All the residents at the meeting agreed that we have never seen the cleaners remove bags of rubbish – all they do is take them to the collection points, where they stay until SERCO (The Waste company) take them on a Wednesday morning.

Marc Howell said that it was not reasonable to expect the additional charge to come out of the Council Tax.  We still disagree on this point.

The Council agreed that they would inspect all rubbish cupboards, and repair any with broken doors etc.

We have arranged a meeting between the RA Committee, the Housing Department, and the Cleaning and Waste Management departments for Thursday 10th July, to confirm exact what the cleaners are contracted to do in the way of rubbish removal, and to try to find a way forward.

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