Scooter and Motorbike Thefts

Stolen-Motorcycle-Just-Chain-leftThe Latchmere Safer Neighbourhoods team reports that 7% of all Motorbikes and Scooters that are stolen in London, are stolen within the Borough of Wandsworth.

Here is their advice about how to protect 2-wheeled Motor vehicles:

  • Ensure your motorcycle or moped has adequate security and you have sufficient insurance to cover any loss.
  • You are less likely to have your motorcycle or moped stolen if it has an alarm fitted. Alarms with movement sensors are preferable as they activate when the motorbike is moved.
  • Fit a tracker which can be monitored with a smart phone app (see link below).
  • A ground anchor and good quality disk locks, security shackles and chains will prevent someone easily removing your motorbike (see link below).
  • Consider property marking your motorbike components with a suitable product. This will make it less desirable to thieves and harder for them to dispose of it or sell it on.
  • Park your bike in a locked garage or enclosed area whenever possible. If not, cover your bike with a suitable cover and park in a well lit area or in a Park Mark approved car park.

If you see anyone acting suspiciously around mopeds, see one driving dangerously or erratically please contact 999. If you think one has been abandoned please contact the Police on 999 or 101.

Further information and advice from the Police can be found at

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